Our facilities include :

Our camp sleeps 60 persons only - this is also the maximum number our septic system is designed to cope with.  We are unable to accommodate groups larger than this.

Accommodation for 60 persons between 8 bunk rooms:

  • Bunkroom 0 - Upstairs - sleeps 6
  • Bunkroom 1 -  Upstairs - sleeps 8 (wheelchair access bunkroom) 
  • Bunkroom 2 - Upstairs - sleeps 6
  • Bunkroom 3 - Downstairs - sleeps 6 (has it's own shower)
  • Bunkroom 4 - Downstairs - sleeps 6
  • Bunkroom 5 - Downstairs - sleeps 10
  • Bunkroom 6 - Downstairs - sleeps 10
  • Bunkroom 7 - Downstairs - sleeps 8

All bunk beds are complete with waterproof, fire retardant, high density foam mattresses.  Tenants must supply their own bedding (pillow, blankets or sleeping bag etc)


Ablution Areas:

  • Wheelchair access toilet and shower upstairs
  • Separate boys toilet block downstairs - 2 toilet cubicles plus large urinal
  • Separate girls toilet block downstairs - 3 toilet cubicles
  • Shower block downstairs - 4 showers
  • Single lockable shower downstairs
  • First bunkroom downstairs (bunkroom 3) also has it's own shower

Kitchen facilities - self catering:

  • Commercial oven with 4 top elements and a griddle plate
  • Separate 2 element unit for smaller pots
  • 2 x fridge/freezers
  • 2 x microwave ovens
  • Baine Marie hot food service unit
  • Several roasting pans that fit the baine marie and 2 oval, oven roasting pans
  • Various smaller pots, frying pans and baking trays
  • Cooking utensils - ladles, wooden spoons, tongs, fish slice, graters, chopping boards etc
  • Commercial toaster - 6 slice toaster 
  • Zip continual water heater
  • Large hot water urn on mobile trolley 
  • Good amount of cutlery
  • Place settings for 60 persons (dinner plate, side plate, bowl, mug, glass)

Dining Room:

  • 12 mid sized trestle tables - each seating 6-8 persons 
  • 60 heavy duty plastic chairs
  • Noticeboard
  • 1 medium and 1 extra large Whiteboard
  • 1 BBQ on wheels for ease of movement to deck (for outsoor use only)


  • Small area behind kitchen, suitable for use as a small break out area.


  • 2 small break out rooms are off the back of the hall.
  • 8 medium sized trestle tables
  • 60 padded conference chairs
  • Various whiteboards - some wall mounted and two mobile whiteboards on wheels
  • Various odd smaller tables


  • The upstairs communal areas of camp are fitted with heat pumps that are available for your use June 1st through till September 30th each year. The heat pumps are preprogrammed to 23 degrees and are run on a timer system.  Full instructions for use are displayed on the walls underneath the heat pumps.

Internet Access/WiFi

  • The camp is fitted with wireless internet, which is available for tenants use.  Please note our WiFi set up has limited bandwidth and therefore is not suitable for streaming videos, movies or music, but will cope with general browsing, emails and facebook type application use.

Fire Safety:

  • The accommodation building is fitted with smoke & heat detectors connected to an alarm system.
  • Fire extinguishers are located throughout the 2 buildings.
  • A fire blanket is located on the kitchen wall.
  • We have an evacuation scheme in place and tenants are provided with full information of this prior to their camp dates, so that they can make themselves familiar with it and then brief all attendees upon arrival at the camp. Warden jackets are provided at the camp.

Cleaning Equipment:

  • Brooms, mops and buckets (some located in cleaners cupboard next to kitchen and some downstairs in laundry)
  • Commercial Vacuum
  • Small pan and broom sets


  • Covered deck between the two buildings with a large gas fired BBQ - (available for indoor tenants use only)
  • Fire circle pit with seating (tenants must apply for a fire permit before using the fire pit - visit www.checkitsalright.nz )
  • Junior confidence course - along top of grounds on the edge of the bush
  • Senior confidence course, down through the bush
  • Open air chapel with seating - down in the bush
  • 2 wood fired BBQ shelters  (fire permits are not required to use the BBQ shelters)
  • 1 outdoor water tap
  • 2 toilet (long drop) and changing shelters
  • Camping space to accommodate up to 120 persons in tents (Outdoor camping area hired separately from indoors) 
  • 2 bush walks down to Lucas creek

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