About Us

Camp Maynard is a Scout camp, owned by Scouting New Zealand.  It is independently run by a volunteer committee, on a not-for-profit basis.  All incoming funds are used to run, maintain and improve the facilities on an ongoing basis.
The land was acquired in the early 1960's, with substantial assistance from Joan and Les Maynard, hence the name of the camp.  An old school hall was then shifted to the site and used from 1965 as the main building.  In 1983, another building from a local golf course was moved onto the site.  This building was refurbished in 1993 to include bunkrooms, then further upgraded with a 2 storey addition to include new toilet blocks on the lower level and additional bunkrooms on the upper floor.  This remains today as the main accommodation block, although it has gone through further refurbishment (see below).
In 1993, thanks to a grant from ASB trust, the current hall was built, replacing the original old school hall.  A covered deck joining the two buildings was later completed.
Since then the camp has undergone various upgrades including re-roofing of the accommodation building, a new septic system, internal and external painting, recovering of all mattresses and the upgrade of the kitchen to a commercial stainless steel one (and in doing that, providing an increase of dining room space).  Most recently we have built an additional bunkroom upstairs and have plans for a laundry upgrade in the near future. 
The camp is located at 101 Paremoremo Road, Albany, North Shore, Auckland.
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